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We specialize in family and trail horses however we have a wide variety of horses, mules, and ponies to include working cow horses, some outstanding saddle mules, gaited horses and mules, and even the occasional work horse or young colt.  Whatever your needs or budget please contact us for a complete and current listing.  Below you will find some of our horses currently for sale, please go to our Facebook page Noll Horse Company for a more current and detailed list of horses for sale to include details, pictures, and short videos. We are also excited to announce we will be conducting some online auctions.  These will be absolute auctions with NO RESERVE as this makes them fun and exciting!  I love a good auction!  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Even World Champions can end up with a less than spectacular steed on occasion!

We ride them all, test and try them in the arena and on the trail.  Tonya and the boys ride the family horses to ensure they are safe and we ride them though a rigorous test including crossing water and rough terrain to ensure we find any problem areas that may exist.  Let us take the gamble out of your next horse purchase by sorting the good horses from the..... well, others!


Small ponies

Our boys have several good gentle kids ponies that they work with and ride.  Some of them are also broke to drive.  Prices vary depending on quality and level of training.  Our boys do an excellent job and keep them gentle.

Price: $Various

Other Trail Horses, Performance Horses, ect.

Various other horse

We have finished performance horses, gentle trail horses, young colts (some started, some not), ponies, and mules.  We have something for just about anyones riding style and needs and horses for anyones budget.  Just need a cheap pasture mate for your horse?  We have recieved several horses from homes that could not afford to feed them and they are very reasonably priced to good homes.

Price: Various


4 year old Pony Gelding

This is what is all about.  This is the experience we hope to provide our customers to enrich their lives and the lives of their families as much as horses have enriched our lives and the lives of our boys.  Horses are meant to be useful and fun not an aggrivation.  Let us match you with the horse of your needs.

Price: $Priceless